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How to Turn On/Off Location Services on iPhone

Apple on Wednesday unveiled the iPhone XS, a premium model with a 5. The company also showed the iPhone XR, an entry-level model with a 6. It has a single-lens camera, unlike the XS models, which have dual-lens camera systems.

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And it uses LCD, a less expensive screen technology than the OLED used for the XS, and the casing is made of aluminum, unlike the stainless steel that the premium phones are composed of. When presented with the choice between a small phone and a bigger one, most people will go with the latter. But for mobile phones, there are trade-offs. For one, the larger phones are more difficult to use with one hand.

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The larger screens raise an important question about design. Will Apple do much in the near future to improve one-handed use?

How to track a lost or stolen iPhone

That feature still exists for the new iPhones, but the lack of a home button makes it more difficult to use — instead of double tapping the home button, now you swipe down from the bottom of the screen. As Apple has made its phones larger and faster, it is also charging more for them.

Something else that rose 20 percent? The average selling price of the iPhone. By going bigger, Apple is trying to grow not just by raising prices but also by getting customers to use their devices even more. Research shows people with larger smartphones use them more, particularly to watch movies and play games. A central part of its strategy is to get existing iPhone owners to pay for more services on their phones, like Netflix and HBO.

For each subscription bought via its App Store, Apple takes a 30 percent cut for the first year and 15 percent for each subsequent year. The iPhone is old enough now that figuring out what to call the new versions each year has become tricky. That X has now created an awkward situation for Apple. The company has typically appended an S to the name of the second iteration of each generation of phones, like the iPhone 5S, 6S and so on. But this year, that meant calling it the iPhone XS.

How to turn off Significant Locations on iPhone and iPad

Apple introduced the Apple Watch Series 4, which it has designed to be more of a health aid. The new watch is slightly thinner, but the black frame around the screen — what is known as the bezel — has been removed to create a larger display area. Significantly, Apple said the new watch had a faster processor and better health and motion sensors. For instance, the watch can detect when a wearer has fallen down, a leading cause of injuries. If you have fallen, the watch is designed to prompt you to alert emergency services; if it detects no motion by the wearer after a minute, it calls automatically.

The watch can also perform a electrocardiogram, alerting you to worrisome heart rhythms.

Is Privacy Really iPhone? Researchers Weigh in on Apple’s Targeted Ad Tracking

Apple said that the new watch would be the first over-the-counter ECG device offered to consumers and that it had been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The fact is, users are being tracked for advertising purposes everywhere on the internet, from search engines to social media to devices.


While there is a bigger privacy debate going on here, I do think Apple of all companies has been the least-worst offender. The question I believe Mozilla is posing is: has Apple gone far enough? One question, of course, is how convincing this argument is. Apple-supporters often bring the argument that Apple is in the hardware business i. I personally believe that this is a valid claim. And Tim Erlin, vice president of product management and strategy at Tripwire, said that he welcomed the issue being taken up in a nationwide advertising initiative, because it helps with awareness.

iPhone Monitoring

The best-case scenario is that this advertising campaign pushes other vendors to step up their privacy and security capabilities, both in marketing and in reality. He added that the campaign also helps consumers to understand that privacy and security, while related, are not the same thing.

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Privacy is more intertwined with user consent and explicit actions. A panel of experts will join Threatpost senior editor Tara Seals to discuss how to lock down data when the traditional network perimeter is no longer in place. They will discuss how the adoption of cloud services presents new security challenges, including ideas and best practices for locking down this new architecture; whether managed or in-house security is the way to go; and ancillary dimensions, like SD-WAN and IaaS.

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Identifying tokens and random addresses, meant to create anonymity, do not change in sync on some devices — opening an attack vector. Someone AirDropped a picture of a suicide vest to multiple people on a JetBlue flight, prompting an evacuation. Notify me when new comments are added.

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